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A simple vacancy management tool is essential for recruitment businesses to run efficiently and place the right candidate for the position. With Recruit Bubble's simple 5 step process Consultants are able to search, review, shortlist, interview and hire the correct candidate quickly and efficiently whilst making sure the client is kept up to date throughout the whole process.

Search and Source

Our advanced search features allow recruiters to search for specific candidate skills, current positions, internal ratings and much more at a click of a button and then assign them to a relevant vacancy.

For efficiency in recruiting it is essential the right candidates can be searched, filtered, reviewed and shortlisted to minimise time and maximise correct long term placements. Using Recruit Bubble's enterprise level search and sourcing tools consultants can maximise marketing, job board and marketing sourcing and then quickly filter and apply using our simple 2 step sourcing tool.

Recruitment Software - Recruit Bubble


Recruitment Software - Recruit Bubble Recruitment Software - Recruit Bubble
Recruitment Software - Recruit Bubble

The power of Job Boards via Broadbean

Recruit Bubble integrates directly into Broadbean meaning you can post jobs and import relevant flagged candidates without having to leave Recruit Bubble. The benefit of integrating closely with Broadbean is that it produces a direct route for recruiters to be able to post vacancies onto selected job boards with ease. From here our integrated flagging solution parses relevant CV's and candidates into the system and logs it for review by the consultant. The benefit of this automated process is that it aids the consultant in the recruitment process by taking out manual work as well as building the businesses internal candidate bank that can be used to source for other vacancies.

Further our business intelligence reporting suite can look at your expenditure on job boards and analyse the job boards producing the best ROI allowing you to become more focussed and strategic with job placements increasing ROI by maximising profit.

Create your own Job Board

Using Recruit Bubble's job board creation wizard you can easily develop and customise your own job board and the integrate it into your website for direct candidate signups into your system. From customising the branding and colours to match your website through to social sharing of vacancies it is quick and simple to develop and provides another simple solution to acquire talent via a new channel.

The candidate simply has to select the job of interest via the simple search tool or scroll through all of your vacancies and select apply. From here they enter their basic details and upload their CV. This will then parse the CV and apply the candidate to the review stage of the vacancy allowing your consultants to asses relevancy.

Recruitment Software - Recruit Bubble
Recruitment Software - Recruit Bubble

Dynamic Vacancy Reporting

Driving efficiency in your hiring process and understanding staff training requirements to boost successful placements is key to expand your recruitment business. With our dynamic vacancy reporting suite you are able to actively asses group level and individual level weaknesses and cost factors and make quick and decisive changes.

From our business intelligence reporting suite that looks at your expenditure on job boards and analyses which job boards produce the best ROI through to individual consultant hiring and reviewing of candidates and interview numbers to hire, Recruit Bubble allows you to increase efficiency and ROI by maximising business profit.

Communications, tasks, Activities and Notes

Throughout the vacancy process it is key both internal team members, candidates and clients are kept up to date with progress, interviews and final hiring decisions. With our communication hub full visibility is available on all correspondence, activities and tasks allowing from project management internally for individual assessments as well as time analysis and historical logs.

Recruitment Software - Recruit Bubble

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Recruitment Software - Recruit Bubble
Recruitment Software - Recruit Bubble

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Recruitment Software - Recruit Bubble
Recruitment Software - Recruit Bubble
Recruitment Software - Recruit Bubble
Recruitment Software - Recruit Bubble
Recruitment Software - Recruit Bubble

Our mission

To elevate the recruitment world and provide the tools to help bridge todays skill gap.

As part of our suite of products our recruit solution helps recruitment businesses support their clients acquire the right candidate for the position by matching candidate skills and personas with ease.

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5. Simple Pricing

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