Simple User Interface
Recruit Bubble has been designed to make sure no feature is further than 2 clicks of the mouse meaning Recruitment Consultants are more efficient and productive with the software aiding this process rather than hindering. As an online SAAS solution our primary aim is the usability of enterprise features producing a business critical system that is simple and enjoyable to use resulting in the system becoming an integrated partner within the business.
CRM and Client Management
Make better decisions, improve your business productivity and efficiency and drive business growth as a result using our unified CRM management suite to align your systems with your current process flows. Whether you are a start up or enterprise level business, access to information on clients and candidates at your fingertips is essential. Recruit Bubble aligns with your business and scales without limitation preventing the restrictive impact other software solutions impose.
Applicant Tracking System
Save time and improve productivity from sourcing of candidates through to submission and benchmarking on vacancies and placements using our Recruit Bubble ATS solution. Place more candidates more efficiently using our targeted search functionality and benchmarking tools. Recruit Bubble's unique 2 step process allows you to find and place candidates quicker than other systems in the marketplace resulting in your recruitment consultants generating more placements at less cost.
Business Intelligence Reporting
Business Intelligence Reporting is critical to the success of firms in the recruiting and staffing industry. By leveraging Real Time and Historical data it enables businesses to operate more efficiently driving a deeper understanding of strengths and weaknesses within individuals, management, the business and clients. The result of this understanding is greater competitive advantage, faster growth and increased profit. Recruit Bubble provides a deep insight into business goals, KPI's, individual output and analysis and client and candidate sourcing and marketing activity. The result is a macro and micro analysis putting you in control of the business.
Candidate and Company Access
Recruit Bubble has been designed to make your business stand out from the crowd and ease communication and improve process efficiencies. Through our Candidate portal you can empower your candidates to be pro-active with your recruitment consultants updating them on current job interests and status, changes in skillsets and also being able to apply for roles that are actively being sourced by the business.
Recruitment Marketing
With the power of information being essential to recruiters the ability to distribute messages out to your clients and candidates is now more important than ever. Whether you need to market to Clients and Candidates via Email or SMS or update them on current projects or interviews we provide you the functionality to Search, Send and Review with ease.
Vacancy Management
A simple vacancy management tool is essential for recruitment businesses to run efficiently and place the right candidate for the position. With Recruit Bubble's simple 5 step process Consultants are able to search, review, shortlist, interview and hire the correct candidate quickly and efficiently whilst making sure the client is kept up to date throughout the whole process.
And a lot more ...
Recruit Bubble has been designed to improve Recruitment Businesses efficiencies and adapt to the business as it expands. Whether you are a established international business or a start up the tools and functioanlities within the software allow your teams to effectively do their job with the confidence and knowledge that the system is there as a supporting partner to help aid them day to day whilst providing management with a detailed oversight to make direct decisions on improvements and assesments. Find out more about how Recruit Bubble can assist your business by taking our free 14 day trial or alternatively book a demo with one of our consultants today.
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Recruitment Software - Recruit Bubble
Recruitment Software - Recruit Bubble

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Recruitment Software - Recruit Bubble
Recruitment Software - Recruit Bubble
Recruitment Software - Recruit Bubble
Recruitment Software - Recruit Bubble
Recruitment Software - Recruit Bubble

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