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With the power of information being essential to recruiters the ability to distribute messages out to your clients and candidates is now more important than ever. Whether you need to market to Clients and Candidates via Email or SMS or update them on current projects or interviews we provide you the functionality to Search, Send and Review with ease.

Advanced Email Marketing inbuilt into
Recruit Bubble

Create effective email marketing campaigns that stand out in the inbox and then analyse your hot prospects, openers, click throughs and suppressions all at the click of a button.

Recruitment Software - Recruit Bubble
Recruitment Software - Recruit Bubble

Distribution Lists

Quickly Search using our advanced functionality to get the right clients or candidates for your marketing campaign and then prepare single or multiple distribution lists to send out marketing campaigns too. The result is quick but targeted marketing at a click of a button.

Recruitment Software - Recruit Bubble

Manage your contacts

We take all the headaches out of managing your candidates and companies giving you the flexibility to segment and target your campaigns to the exact contact interested in a specific job or candidate.

Recruitment Software - Recruit Bubble

Create your Email Template

Design perfect email marketing campaigns with our simple to use template builder and quickly change content, colours and logos. Best of all each template is automatically mobile optimised and looks great in every email client.

Recruitment Software - Recruit Bubble

Send Campaigns

With our smart sending tools you can split test to see which subject line encourages your contacts to open your marketing mailers through to auto responders, personalised content and spam testing.

Recruitment Software - Recruit Bubble

Real time Reporting

Using our insightful analytics you can see in real time who has opened and clicked on your campaign, any unsubscribes and suppressions, who they shared it with and much much more.

We give you the visibility to see which companies are interested in which candidates or which candidates are looking at specific roles. The result is you can be reactive to optimise sales and conversions.

Recruitment Software - Recruit Bubble

Instantly Inform Your Mobile Contacts

Prepare SMS campaigns that target clients and candidates using our distribution list functionality and then review and monitor the response through our SMS admin area.

We know how important it is to contact candidates and clients on the move. Given how much we use mobile phones the ability to contact people with the latest news, interview dates, business information or updates is essential for Recruiters.

Using our advanced distribution list solutions we enable recruiters to quickly build targeted marketing lists of your required contacts to market too. Using our clever opt in subscriber management software as well distribution lists will automatically remove contacts you have selected as part of a search that have requested an opt out making sure your data is always clean, legal and targeted.

From sending out bulk SMS campaigns through to receiving suppression data and replies back you can now quickly distribute marketing and communication messages directly from Recruit Bubble

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Recruitment Software - Recruit Bubble
Recruitment Software - Recruit Bubble

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Recruitment Software - Recruit Bubble
Recruitment Software - Recruit Bubble
Recruitment Software - Recruit Bubble
Recruitment Software - Recruit Bubble
Recruitment Software - Recruit Bubble

Our mission

To elevate the recruitment world and provide the tools to help bridge todays skill gap.

As part of our suite of products our recruit solution helps recruitment businesses support their clients acquire the right candidate for the position by matching candidate skills and personas with ease.

Top 5 Reasons to Use RecruitBubble

1. Ease of Use
2. Unlimited CV Parsing
3. Marketing Tools
4. Customer Relationship Management Suite
5. Simple Pricing

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