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Make better decisions, improve your business productivity, efficiency and drive business growth as a result using our unified CRM management suite to align your systems with your current process flows. Whether you are a start up or enterprise level business, access to information on clients and candidates at your fingertips is essential. Recruit Bubble aligns with your business and scales without limitation preventing the restrictive impact other software solutions impose.

A Unified Customer Experience

In today's recruitment world it is essential to have all of your contacts, history and knowledge at your fingertips to provide a streamlined and efficient process for your clients and candidates. From communication management, notes, history, activities and tasks Recruit Bubble will help your team keep track of all the details of client relationships in one place.

Recruitment Software - Recruit Bubble
Recruitment Software - Recruit Bubble

Information at your fingertips

It's easy to remember the details and preferences of your customers when there were just a few of them. However as your business grows you need the tools and software to be aligned with your business and to track and manage those essential details to make sure you can facilitate your clients efficiently and make sure your team have the necessary information to react to the demands they have each day.

Recruit Bubble helps you save time and improve productivity by aligning your internal processes to the systems functionality and producing a more efficient management of client requirements and placement of the right candidate against customer vacancies.

CRM and Contact Management

Save time and improve productivity from sourcing Keep your clients and prospects up to date with our simple and effective CRM package. See who is managing what client and the actions due to support a prospect to a client or client to a new project.

  • Communication Management
  • Multi Contact, Multi Site Management
  • Create Tasks and Events
  • Assign Deals
  • Assign Contracts and Documents
  • View Current and Previous Vacancies
  • View Communication History and Notes
Recruitment Software - Recruit Bubble
Recruitment Software - Recruit Bubble

Centralised Communications

Your business cannot afford to miss key conversations and activities that have occurred with clients. Using Recruit Bubble the system automatically tracks and assigns email activity and logs important activities and events that are visible at a click of a button. This results in more centralized office communication saving time internally as well as providing a more streamlined experience for your clients.

Deals Management and Sales Pipeline

Whether your billing and sales process works ad hoc, on a per deal basis or pro rata to the candidates salary Recruit Bubble can adjust, record and report or your sales pipeline and deal acquisition sources with ease. From looking at individual recruitment consultant pipelines and patterns through to company level oversight and trends you can easily view where deals are being lost, the most successful source of acquisition, your top clients and also whether you are on target for monthly, quarterly and yearly objectives.

Recruitment Software - Recruit Bubble
Recruitment Software - Recruit Bubble

Multi Site & Multi Contact Business Control

Your business isn't simple and neither are your clients. Due to this the systems you use need to meet this complex business world. With our multi-site, multi-contact functionality you can easily build up group structures, primary and secondary contact sets, distribution and managed search results and core company details which are all accessible from one core area of the CRM module making it easy to access.

Save Time & Reduce Errors

Leverage Recruit Bubble's advanced parsing and communication engines to make sure all necessary information is extracted and recorded. From our Document Parsing Engine through to our Email Management and extraction tool each communication or document used can be linked into the relevant area of the system for future reference. The result is less errors by staff, the stopping of loss of information and the saving of time.

Recruitment Software - Recruit Bubble
Recruitment Software - Recruit Bubble

Advanced Search and Tagging Functionality

With Recruit Bubble's advanced search functionality there are multiple routes to access information quickly and efficiently. From our quick search bar on the footer of each page, Boolean logic, advanced search criteria and customisable field and tagging management you can be assured the information you have can quickly be accessed. Plus with our advanced saved search solutions you don't need to re-create complex search criteria to dig right into core information as it is recorded and shown directly based on your behaviour.

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Recruitment Software - Recruit Bubble
Recruitment Software - Recruit Bubble

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Recruitment Software - Recruit Bubble
Recruitment Software - Recruit Bubble
Recruitment Software - Recruit Bubble
Recruitment Software - Recruit Bubble
Recruitment Software - Recruit Bubble

Our mission

To elevate the recruitment world and provide the tools to help bridge todays skill gap.

As part of our suite of products our recruit solution helps recruitment businesses support their clients acquire the right candidate for the position by matching candidate skills and personas with ease.

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3. Marketing Tools
4. Customer Relationship Management Suite
5. Simple Pricing

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